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Basic Puppy Training And Care

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Basic puppy training tips, teaching sit which is the start of all puppy training. Watch out for dangerous toys, what are they and what are the best types of puppy toys to have.


Dangerous Dog Toys Are Everywhere!

Beware dangerous dog toysDogs love to play with toys, but not anything can be suitable for your pet, so what do you need to know about dog toys, which are safe, and which are not?.


Teach Your Dog The Sit Command

Teaching dogs to sit on commandAhh, the good old sit command, the classic association between man and dog. It may be a cliché of dog ownership but the sit command is THE most important tool in dog training and disciplining.


Too Much Bathing Can Be Bad For Dogs

Careful how much you bath your puppyFrequent bathing is bad for dogs and possibly fatal for puppies. A young puppy born during winter months is going to get messy and your temptation is to bathe it. Don't!



Proud Parent.. Your New Puppy

New puppy careSo you got a new puppy? Congratulations on becoming a puppy parent! Now find out how to make sure that your puppy behaves as it should!


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