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Puppy Care

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Our collection of articles to help prepare for our new puppy. What to expect from your pup, a handy checklist and some basic puppy training tips.


Getting A New Puppy? Here Is A Handy Checklist

Essential puppy checklistHere is a handy checklist for your new puppy, from essential items to little luxuries and some surprises along the way


Help With Choosing a New Puppy or Adult Dog

Choosing your new puppyIf you and your dog are not well suited, the experience may not be very enjoyable. A new dog can bring you years of enjoyment and companionship.


Stopping Puppies From Chewing

Stop chewing puppiesMuch like babies, puppies explore the world around them with their mouths, and while your puppy chewing and biting is not a problem when it is small, it could become an issue in later life.


Socializing Your Dog

Socializing dogsWe must help a puppy learn early on that strangers, other dogs of different breeds and sizes, and all new experiences are not automatically threatening. Teaching socialization early will have great benefits in years to come.


Puppy Housebreaking

Housebreaking puppiesHousebreaking your puppy will require patience, time, and commitment, but by following the stages of puppy development in this article you will be happy with your housebroken pup.


House Training - Some Puppy Tips

Puppy house training tipsWith the right supervision and patience you will find that housetraining your puppy is a breeze. There are some puppy tips that can aid in a successful plan for housetraining your new cuddly pup.


Dog Identification

Dog IdBecause your dog may occasionally escape and get lost in unfamiliar territory, it's a good idea to have some kind of pet identification on them. It's also an important step to take against puppy theft.


What Does It Cost To Own A Dog?

How much does it cost to keep a dog?Dogs are irresistible, but hang on one second before you think of bringing a puppy home. Do you have any idea what your new puppy's needs, or how much time and money it will cost? Here's a sample list of expenses for the first year for a medium-sized female mixed-breed puppy with medium long hair obtained from a shelter


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