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Dog Health Information

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You might think that your dog is in a very healthy state, you could be wrong. Learn the signs of good dog health and poor dog health. As in humans, dog obesity is a growing concern. What measures can you take to guard against this happening to your dog?

Your Older Dog

Caring for aging dogsAs your dog gets older your relationship with them deepens. This article discusses how a few small changes you may not be aware of can help improve the quality of an older dogs life.


Dog Ticks - Common Questions Answered

Dog ticksFrequently asked questions regarding dog ticks, what causes dog tick paralysis.. how to recognize a tick and common treatments.


Water, An Essential Ingredient

Water for dogsWater is the most important part of a pet’s diet. Much like humans pets need water to survive, even more than they need food, but yet it is often forgotten by owners at mealtimes.


Dog Obesity - A Cause For Concern

Obese dogsObesity is becoming a major problem for dogs and cats much like it is for humans. There are an increasing number of pets suffering from obesity and it is time the problem was addressed.


Keeping Your Dog Cool During Summer

Dogs in summerDogs have special needs during the summer as the temperature and humidity are much higher. Dogs have a limited ability to cool themselves and we must be aware of the dangers.


Dogs eating poo. Why do they do it?

Coprophagia - eating dog pooCoprophagia is the technical name for what you are describing in your dogs behaviour. Dogs eat faeces, it is a common problem. In most canines it is actually a normal behaviour.


Why has my flea treatment stopped working?

Flea treatment has stopped workingPets, like humans, can build up a resistance to flea and tick treatments. Here's some tips to reduce the impact and keep your pet flea and tick free.


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