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Dog Playtime


Playtime with your dog should be fun and safe, yet it is suprising how many dog toys are not safe for your dog. Learn how to spot an unsafe dog toy, which dog games promote healthy play and the hidden benifits of dog playtime.


Dangerous Dog Toys Are Everywhere!

Beware dangerous dog toysDogs love to play with toys, but not anything can be suitable for your pet, so what do you need to know about dog toys, which are safe, and which are not?


Danger For Your Dog In The Yard

Back yard dangerYour backyard is a place where many dogs are left on their own while you are at work. Is your yard a safe place for your dog?


Keep Fit With Your Dog!

Keep fit with your dogWinter's gone, here comes Summer! Time to dust off those jogging shorts and get fit with your dog! Cold weather is no longer an excuse!


Stopping Puppies From Chewing

Stop chewing puppiesPuppies, like babies, explore the world with their mouths; the tastes and textures of objects help them to learn. However they must learn what is appropriate to chew.


Stopping Dogs Chewing and Digging

Chewing and digging dogsMany dog owners use punishment to correct problem behaviour, however you may find that reinforcing good behaviour works better and keeps your dog happier.


Dog Training 101, Basic Training Techniques

Basics of dog trainingMany dog owners who have a pet that has passed the puppy stage will say they want to change at least one behaviour trait in their animal. To start that change you need to understand basic training techniques, but most of all you need to understand your dog.