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Dog Health

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Dog articles discussing common dog health issues such as dog skin allergies, dog teeth, dog shampoos for different dog skin types and pain in dogs. Learn about the benefits of dog fitness and preparing for a new puppy.

Why Is Worming Your Pet So Important?

Worms and petsThis in depth article takes you thru the different types of worms that can infect your pet. Learn how your dog or cat may become infected and why prevention is the best cure. A must read article on pet health.


If Only Your Dog Could Tell You Where It Hurts

Tell me where it hurtsYour dog cant tell you if their in pain so how do you know? Where does it hurt? How badly does it hurt? Through research we are now starting to learn more about identifying pain in dogs.


Common Skin Problems For Dogs

Skin problems for dogsDogs can suffer from many skin problems. Good dog skin health is dependent on the health and function of your pets other organs.


Getting A New Puppy? Here Is A Handy Checklist

Essential puppy checklistHere is a handy checklist for your new puppy, from essential items to little luxuries and some surprises along the way


Feeding Chocolate To You Dog Could Be Fatal!

Dogs and chocolateA simple treat could cause your dog to die, feeding chocolate or any milk based product could be fatal. This article discusses the consequences of giving your dog dairy products.


Oral Hygiene For Your Dog. Keeping Your Dogs Teeth Clean

Dog teethAs humans we understand the importance of keeping our teeth clean and are taught oral hygiene from a young age. Dogs are also susceptible to oral diseases such as gingivitis, and yet we often overlook the importance of our dogs dental hygiene.


Different Types of Dog Skin Means Different Shampoos

Correct shampoo for your dogs skinVeterinarians are learning more about dog skin diseases and as a result there are now more types of treatment shampoos available. Which one is right for your dog?


Keep Fit With Your Dog!

Keep fit with your dogStaying in shape is important in today’s world. Keeping your dog fit is just as important, and easy to fit into your own fitness schedule. Dog walking, dog running, and more can go a long way.


Too Much Bathing Can Be Bad For Dogs

Careful how much you bath your puppyFrequent bathing is bad for dogs and possibly fatal for puppies. A young puppy born during winter months is going to get messy and your temptation is to bathe it. Don't!


Dogs And Dry Skin - Common Winter Ailments

Dogs with dry skinDogs scratch their skin for many reasons, fleas or because they just have an itch are but two reasons. However, excessive scratching could also mean your dog has dry skin and needs treatment from a vet.


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