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Dog Grooming Resources

When your dog has excellent nutrition, enough exercise and regular flea and worm control, then it is time to visit the grooming salon for those final touches. If your dog is sick or un-well the first thing you will notice is usually their coat.

Different Types of Skin Means Different Shampoos

Correct shampoo for your dogs skinDog skin is sensitive despite the fact that they run around outside a lot of the time. Find out more about dog shampoo and dog conditioner here.

Healthy Dog Coats That Shine

Healthy coats means a healthy dogThat shiny gloss in the sunlight is one of the signs of a healthy dog coat. When it’s not shiney it can also be a sign for other health problems.

Too Much Bathing Can Be Bad For Dogs

Careful how much you bath your puppyDog bathing shouldn’t be a daily ritual, it is even more important to your young puppy that you not bathe them too often. Find out the important facts here.

Dog Grooming Basics

Well groomed dog is a healthy dogGrooming your cat or dog is vital for hygiene and will keep your pet clean, fresh, and looking great. Here are some grooming ideas that will give you the best looking pet around.