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Dog Diet Resources


What is a good dog diet? You may think the food you are giving your dog is right for them but how do you really know? How do you deal with dog obesity, or dogs that won't stop eating? When is too much food enough? Learn to read the warning signs and provide your dog a balanced and complete diet.


Dogs Who Won't Stop Eating

Dogs that eat too muchMuch like humans, some dogs have no problem with eating and eating. What is surprising in dogs is that this overeating is hereditary, so how do you stop your pooch from eating too much dog food?


Dog Obesity - A Cause For Concern

Obese dogsObesity is becoming a major problem for dogs and cats much like it is for humans. There are an increasing number of pets suffering from obesity and it is time the problem was addressed.


Water, An Essential Ingredient

Water for dogsForgetting a bowl of water may be the most important part of their pet’s diet, most people remember to give their dog food but maybe forgetting water as an essential ingredient.


When Is Too Much Dog Food Too Much?

Too much dog foodYour pet may seem really happy with the leftovers you give it, but the truth is you are probably over feeding your dog with unhealthy food.


What Food Should I Be Feeding My Dog?

The right dog foodWhen choosing dog food you will find there are theories of certain vitamins, minerals, herbs and food products that are supposed to prevent or cure a variety of health problems. How do you work it out?