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Dog Information for Behaviour Issues

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Find some handy ideas for stopping dogs barking, discover why dogs bark. What is the reason for dogs digging or dogs chewing? Punishing your dog is not the answer to dog behavioural problems. How to recognize and understand dog fear and dog phobia.

Stopping Dogs Chewing and Digging

Chewing and digging dogsEven today, many dog owners think that punishment is the best way to get their puppy to stop chewing or digging, building good behaviour and following these steps is much more effective.

Stopping Dogs Barking

Barking dogsDogs bark when they feel uncomfortable. This is usually because of something new or unusual, so how can you prevent your dog crying and barking through the night, keeping you and you neighbours awake?

Fear Or Phobia In Dogs

Dogs with phobiasThere are a variety of dog phobia problems that owners have to deal with. Dog fear is very troublesome and luckily we can help.

Dogs Need Leaders Too

Dogs leadersDogs need leadership, and if your dog its acting out it could be because it thinks it is the boss of your household. Reclaim your house; you are the boss so become the dog’s leader.

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