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Dog Behaviour Resources

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Informative articles to help solve your dog behavioural problems. Find helpful dog training techniques, help with a new puppy, dealing with separation anxiety, dog housebreaking, stop dogs barking and dog aggression. Help to stop puppy chewing or dogs digging, caring for older dogs and much, much more.

Keeping Your Dog Cool During Summer

Dogs in summerDogs have special needs during the summer as the temperature and humidity are much higher. Dogs have a limited ability to cool themselves and we must be aware of the dangers.


Danger For Your Dog In The Yard

Back yard dangerYour backyard is a place where many dogs are left on their own while you are at work. Is your yard a safe place for your dog?


Your Older Dog

Caring for aging dogsAs your dog gets older your relationship with them deepens. This article discusses how a few small changes you may not be aware of can help improve the quality of an older dogs life.


Proud Parent - Your New Puppy

New puppy careCongratulations! You are the happy and proud parent of a new puppy. You're probably looking around for the best way to bring up pooch. A good first step is puppy preschool.


Dogs Eating Poo - Why do they do it?

Coprophagia - eating dog pooWhy does your dog eat poo? What can you do about it? It turns out that there is a good explanation for poo eating and a way to fix it after all!


Dog Ticks - Common Questions Answered

Dog ticksFrequently asked questions regarding dog ticks, what causes dog tick paralysis.. how to recognize a tick and common treatments.


Dogs With Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety in dogsIf you notice that your dog acts strangely whenever you leave then it is probable that your pooch actually misses you and is suffering from separation anxiety.


Invisible Dog Fences

Dog fencesIt is possible to keep your dog within a certain area without the need for fences, all you need is the know-how and the tools and it can be achieved.


9-11 A Dogs Story - Courage Beyond Words

9 11, our dog heroesThis is one of our most popular articles. Over 300 dogs and their handlers were committed to a mission of rescuing survivors from the World Trade Centers no matter what the cost.


Help With Choosing a New Puppy or Adult Dog

Choosing your new puppyIf you and your dog are not well suited, the experience may not be very enjoyable. A new dog can bring you years of enjoyment and companionship.


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