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Dog Breed Guides



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Welcome to our comprehensive dog breed guide.

Bulldog Dog BreedOur dog breed information guides have been designed to help you find the best dog breed for your lifestyle. You may live in an apartment... on a farm... you might be  the outdoors type or perhaps the more academic type. As each of us is unique it is the same for dogs, every breed has different characteristics and traits. If you are the great outdoors adventurous type then a Bulldog is probably not the breed for you. Perhaps you suffer from allergies, some types of dog coats could actually harm your health!

How to use our breed guides

You don't have to be looking for a purebred dog to take advantage of the information found here, if you are rescuing a dog or adopting a dog our information will still be of great help in making your choice. Recognizing the makeup of a cross breed dog then checking our guides for traits can help to determine the characteristics of your new furkid.

What makes our dog breed information unique?

All our breed information has been created by dog breeders and dog owners from around the world. Our dog breed information looks at a dog’s history, their traits, good and bad breed aspects, the breeds health and what characteristics to be aware of. We have included high quality studio dog pictures in most cases to showcase the dog breed.

So lets get started! We've listed our breeds in alphabetical order, click below to view breeds starting with that letter.


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