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New Kitten Guides


Are you prepared for a new kitten? Are you cat ready? Is a kitten the right choice for your family? Our kitten care articles will help you get ready for your new family addition.

Is A Cat The Right Choice For You?

New kitten for your familyChoosing a cat is a hard thing to do for a lot of people. Here are several people’s experiences with kittens and cats that are old, young, long hair and short hair.


Christmas Kittens

Christmas CatsChristmas is a great time of year, but a Xmas kitten might find a lot of things worth destroying. Keep a few things in mind to help your Christmas cat be safe and keep you happy.


A Cat Called Rex

Rex CatsRex cats make excellent pets, for these fascinating felines have an offbeat style that is all their own. They are truly cats for those who cherish the unusual.


Kitten Playtime

Kittens playingKittens were born to play. As early as two weeks old kittens will begin to play with their litter mates, and shortly afterwards with toys or other objects.


Kittens and kids

Time for a kittenKittens are natural born playing machines. It is important for you to understand the role that play has in a kitten’s life.


Cat Friendly Homes

Cat homesBeautiful homes and majestic cats have a certain symmetry that can't be ignored. Cats love to view the world from a safe, elevated and comfortable spot....


Choosing A New Kitten Or Cat

Choosing your new kittenCats make some of the best friends you can ever have, if your kitten choice is wise. Choosing a kitten can be confusing, but we are here to help.