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Cat Health Information

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You might think that your cat is in a very healthy state, you could be wrong. Learn the signs of good cat health and poor cat health. As in humans, cat obesity is a growing concern. What measures can you take to guard against this happening to your cat?


Your House or Your Cats?

Is it your house or your catsAlthough you might wish you could train your cat to live in your house, you just might need to adjust to life in your cats house instead!


Dealing With Cat Odours

Cat odoursCat urine odour is very pungent and long lasting, and can be difficult to remove. Here's some ideas to help battle against that most unpleasant of smells.


Watch Out For Dangerous Cat Toys

Dangerous cat toysMany household items that become pet toys, either with or without your knowledge, can be dangerous, even fatal for your cat.


Cat Obesity - A Cause For Concern

Obese catsObesity in cats is becoming an increasingly large problem, pets are packing on the kilos as well as humans! We can not ignore this problem any longer.


How Old Is Your Cat?

Cat ageHow old is your cat in human years? The result may surprise you. Find out how old your cat is in human years with our handy guide!


The Right Cat ID

The right cat identificationBecause pets occasionally escape and get lost in unfamiliar territory, it's a good idea to have some kind of pet identification on them.


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