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Cat Playtime


Playtime with your cat should be fun and safe, yet it is suprising how many cat toys are not safe for your cat. Learn how to spot an unsafe cat toy, which cat games promote healthy play and the hidden benifits of cat playtime.


Dangerous Cat Toys Are Everywhere!

Dangerous cat toysMany household items that become cat toys, either with or without your knowledge, can be dangerous, even fatal to your cat or kitten.


Cat Friendly Homes

Cat homesBeautiful homes and majestic cats have a certain symmetry that can't be ignored. Cats love to view the world from a safe, elevated and comfortable spot....


Cat Scratching and Cat De-Clawing

Cat de-clawingCat scratch problems are one of the biggest concerns to cat owners. Why cats scratch, declawing, and more should be understood to better take care of your cat.