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Cat Health

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Learn how to reconize health problems with cats such as paon in cats, feeding chocalote to cats, cat dental care and cat spraying.

If Only Your Cat Could Tell You Where It Hurts

Pain in catsYour cat cant tell you if their in pain so how do you know? Where does it hurt? How badly does it hurt? Through research we are now starting to learn more about identifying pain in cats.


Cat Skin Problems

Skin problems for catsCats can suffer from many skin problems, good cat skin health is dependent on the health and function of your pets other organs.


Cat Scratching and Cat De-Clawing

Cat de-clawingCats use their claws to climb and scratch, to defend themselves, and to hunt. This can pose a problem when indoor cats choose your furniture as tree substitutes.


Feeding Chocolate To Your Cat Could Be Fatal!

Cats and chocolateA simple treat could cause your cat to die, feeding chocolate or any milk based product could be fatal. This article discusses the consequences of giving your cat dairy products.


Cat Coats Like Shining Armour!

cat coatsThe sight of a cat playing and the sun shining down on its glossy coat is a perfect picture of health. It can also be a valuable indicator of your pet’s well being.


Cat Dental Care

Looking after cats teethWe are taught from a young age to brush their teeth to ward off gingivitis and other dental problems; we often forget that these very same diseases affect our cats too


Cat Litter Box Problems

Cat Litter BoxCats are very independent animals, and sometimes they like to eliminate in different locations. So what do you do to make sure kitty goes in the litter box you have provided?


Cat Spraying

Why cats sprayWhen cats spray what are they trying to tell us? What are the best ways to deal with this common problem? Here's a fact sheet to help us understand spraying better.


The Cats AIDS virus

Cat virusFIV, (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus), also known as the cat AIDS virus, is a serious threat to the wellbeing of a healthy cat. Check out everything you need to know about cat FIV!


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