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Benefits Of Cat Grooming


Cats are natural groomers, cats tend to look after their own grooming needs. As owners we can help with some additional cat grooming thru nutrition and regular flea and worm control.


Making Scents of Cat Smells

Why Cats SmellPeople dread visiting their friends when they know there will be a strong cat smell involved. Luckily, the cat odour can be tackled.


Essential Cat Grooming Basics

Healthy Coat Healthy CatCats are more likely to remain healthy when they are clean and well groomed. A benefit of regular grooming is that you will become familiar with your cat's body


Treating Cat Odours

Smelly Cat odoursCat urine odour is very pungent and long lasting, and can be difficult to remove. Here's some ideas to help battle against that most unpleasant of smells