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Cat Behaviour Articles

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Find help for cat behavioural problems. Explore the things that make your cat unique, discover why your cat does the things they do. Learn why cats act the way they do, natural instincts and cat behaviour.

Why do cats have nine life's?

Cats are lucky!The inquisitive feline has a knack of dodging death by a whisker. After all, a creature with nine lives can afford to take risks....

Lost cats, finding your moggie

Finding a catCats do not "run away" or "stray." They investigate new places and find themselves trapped, they become ill or injured and creep away to a quiet dark place...

How to handle a cat hunter

Hunting catsDomestic cats generally hunt to satisfy their need for physical activity. But what happens when Felix brings home more than you can handle?

Kittens and kids

Time for a kittenEvery parent will eventually hear the plea "please, can we have a pet!". Usually the bargaining process involves rules such as 'you'll have to feed it every day

Classic Cats in History

History and Classic CatsThrough history cats have had an association with some of the most famous authors. Many of the great works have been written in the company of a cat.

Cat Friendly Homes

Cat homesBeautiful homes and majestic cats have a certain symmetry that can't be ignored. Cats love to view the world from a safe, elevated and comfortable spot....

Making Scents Of Smells

Smelly CatsThere are plenty of cat smells that might be lurking around your home. From cat hair to cat litter box smells we can help you out!

Pet of the New Millennium

Pets of the futureThe pets of the future are probably going to be largely influenced by cats advertising. Everyone knows what they want in a cat, luckily any cat will really make you happy.

Problems With Litter Boxes

Litter Box ProblemsCats are very independent animals, and sometimes they like to eliminate in different locations. So what do you do to make sure kitty goes in the litter box you have provided?

Choosing A New Kitten Or Cat

Choosing your new kittenCats are terrific – affectionate, playful, fastidious, and best of all, they purr! But are you ready for the responsibilities that come with owning a cat?

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