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Egyptian Mau Cat Breed

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Body Size - Medium to Large
Coat Length - Short
Life Span - 15 Years

Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau Description

The Egyptian Mau is one of the few naturally spotted cats. It has an elegant, long body and a stride like a cheetah. The eyes are oval shaped and vivid green in colour with dark highlighting sometimes referred to as "mascara". There are two stripes on each side of the face next to the eyes, and banding on the legs and tail. The short coat may be one of four base colours (silver, bronze, smoke, or black), all with randomly placed black spots and black striping.

Egyptian Mau History

"Mau" is the Egyptian word for cat, and this breed strongly resembles cats represented in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. The domesticated cat descends from spotted subspecies of African wild cats. In ancient Egypt, Maus probably began domesticated life as valued rodent-catchers protecting the grain stores. They were rapidly elevated to deities, cherished as pets, protected by law, and mummified and mourned at death. They were revered in Egyptian culture.

Egyptian Mau Traits

The Egyptian Mau is an active cat that is known to be fiercely loyal to its owners. It has a pleasing voice.

Egyptian Mau Health

Egyptian Mau inbred cats have been reported to have a higher incidence of respiratory disease, intestinal disease, and neurologic problems.

Egyptian Mau Summary

You won't find a more distinctive looking cat than the Mau. It's surprising Maus haven't become the latest unusual pet craze. Plus it's fun to have a cat that directly traces its lineage to the first cats domesticated by humans. (It was actually a two-way street. With agriculture came stored grains, followed by lots of rodents, followed by very grateful cats. They were happy to associate with us - we provided them with an easy, ready supply of food.) As with any breed, watch for the quality of the breeder, buy only from reputable breeders with clean catteries and healthy, friendly cats. The Egyptian Mau is the only natural domesticated breed of spotted cat. The Egyptian's impression should be one of an active, colourful cat of medium size with well developed muscles. Perfect physical condition with an alert appearance. Well balanced physically and temperamentally. Males tend to be larger than females

Edited by Darren Robinson

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