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Dog Health Resources


Arthritis In Dogs

Arthritis in dogs Learn about arthritis in dogs and treatments available for dog arthritis. Arthritis in older dogs can be debilitating and lead to a loss of a quality life for your dog. Discover the types of dog arthritis and learn how simple treatments can help your dog with arthritis.


Keeping Your Dog Healthy

Keeping Your Dog Healthy Dog articles discussing common dog health issues such as dog skin allergies, dog teeth, dog shampoos for different dog skin types and pain in dogs. Learn about the benefits of dog fitness and preparing for a new puppy.


Dog Diet

A good dog diet What is a good dog diet? You may think the food you are giving your dog is right for them but how do you really know? How do you deal with dog obesity, or dogs that won't stop eating? When is too much food enough? Learn to read the warning signs and provide your dog a balanced and complete diet.



Dog Grooming When your dog has excellent nutrition, enough exercise and regular flea and worm control, then it is time to visit the grooming salon for those final touches. If your dog is sick or un-well the first thing you will notice is usually their coat.



Dog Behaviour Informative articles to help solve your dog behavioural problems. Find helpful dog training techniques, help with a new puppy, dealing with separation anxiety, dog housebreaking, stop dogs barking and dog aggression. Help to stop puppy chewing or dogs digging, caring for older dogs and much, much more.


Dog Playtime

Dog Playtime Playtime with your dog should be fun and safe, yet it is surprising how many dog toys are not safe for your dog. Learn how to spot an unsafe dog toy, which dog games promote healthy play and the hidden benefits of dog playtime.


Training Do's and Don'ts

Training Do's and Don'ts A well trained dog has many benefits including their ability to socialize with other dogs and people. Dogs are very similar to children and need to learn right from wrong. Training will help them to learn some simple manners and household rules as well as basic commands, such as sit, walk, come and drop.


Puppy Care

Puppy Care Our collection of articles to help prepare for our new puppy. What to expect from your pup, a handy checklist and some basic puppy training tips.