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Cornish Rex Cat Breed

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Body Size - Small
Coat Length - Short
Life Span - 15 Years

Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex Description

The unique characteristic of the Cornish Rex is its wavy coat. This breed has no outer guard hairs in the coat, leaving only a woolly, short coat. The cat has the slender Oriental body type, a Roman nose and large ears that are wide at the base and rounded at the tips. Many coat colours and patterns are accepted.

Cornish Rex History

All modern Cornish Rex originate from a single kitten born with this unique coat in Cornwall, England in 1950. That kitten, "Kallibunker" was bred by Nina Ennismore and the breed developed. One of Kallibunker's grand-daughters was imported to the United States in 1957.

Cornish Rex Traits

Cornish Rex are people-oriented, affectionate and undemanding in their care.

Cornish Rex Health

Some feel that Cornish Rex are vulnerable to cold if allowed outdoors, because of their short coat. Others find this to be a very hardy breed.

Cornish Rex Summary

The coat is maintained not by brushing, but rather by firm stroking with the hand, which helps maintain the wave. A shaggy appearance to the coat is a flaw. Cornish Rex shed less than many breeds but do produce dander and so are not automatically the breed of choice for those with cat allergies that wish to own a cat. The Cornish Rex is distinguished from all other breeds by its extremely soft, wavy coat and racy type. It is surprisingly heavy and warm to the touch. All contours of the Cornish Rex are gently curved. By nature, the Cornish Rex is intelligent, alert, and generally likes to be handled.

Edited by Darren Robinson

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