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Learn Why Your Cat Behaves The Way It Does

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Learn why your cat behaves the way it does, most behavioural 'problems' are simply your cat displaying it's natural instincts. Learn how to read your cats behaviour.

Cat Spraying

Cat SprayingCat spraying, or urine marking, is something that you can do something about. You need to learn more about the cause of the problem first, though.

Who's Living In Who's House?

Safe Homes For CatsTrying to teach your cat to be civilized? Not giving in to cat stress behaviour? Instead of making your cat understand, you might just need a cat safe home.

Danger! Destructive Cat!

Cat Proof Your HomeCat proofing your home isn’t easy, but you will have to get your cat under control if you hope to live alongside your kitten.

Living With Cats In Apartments

Cats Living In ApartmentsA happy cat home is important to any pet owner. There are crucial things about keeping your cat safe and well behaved that you can learn.

How old is your cat?

Whats Your Cats AgeHow old is your cat in human years? The result may surprise you. Find out how old your cat is in human years with our handy guide!

The Right Cat ID

The right cat identificationIt’s hard to track cats when they get out. Should your cat ever get lost, though, it would be wise to have a form of cat identification. Find the best here!

Is A Cat The Right Choice For You?

New kitten for your familyThere is something about those wide eyes and cute little faces that make kittens irresistible. But, is a kitten the right choice for your family?

Christmas Kittens

Christmas CatsPlanning on getting a cute kitten this xmas? Before you take home that irresistible kitten, here are a few easy steps to get yourself cat-ready.

A Cat Called Rex

Rex CatsCornish Rex cats make amazing pets! These unique cats are highly sought after and we’ve compiled some information to help you with yours.

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