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Bulldog Dog Breed

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Bulldog Dog Breed

Dog class - Non Sporting
Average height - 30 to 38cm
Average weight - 20 to 26kg
Size - Medium
Average life span - 7 to 9 years

Bulldog Description

The Bulldog is medium in size with a smooth coat. The body of the Bulldog is heavy, thick-set and low swung. The short faced head, wide shoulders and very sturdy limbs make this breed of dog visibly distinct. The appearance of the Bulldog suggests vigour, stability and strength. The Bulldog usually displays courageous but not vicious demeanour.

Bulldog History

Originated in England as a bull fighter and is often (mistakenly) called the English Bulldog. There is no such thing as an English Bulldog. They are simply called Bulldogs. When their bull fighting days ended, fanciers of the breed worked to breed out the ferociousness that had made them tenacious bull fighters. Now, they are considered a courageous but not vicious breed.

Bulldog Traits

Go for slow walks in cool weather, or stay inside on very hot days and enjoy the air conditioner. The Bulldog is also commonly used in advertising, watch for it on commercials or your favourite program.

Bulldog Good Aspects

Bulldogs have a low exercise requirement. No trimming or clipping required with this short-haired breed. The Bulldog has a peaceful demeanour and does not bark, but still makes an excellent watchdog. Bulldogs are good with other pets, but sometimes aggressive with strange dogs. Sensitive and responds to obedience training that does not include hitting or jerking. High memory capacity. They are good with children and a good choice for the novice owner.

Bulldog Health

Bulldogs are susceptible to elbow dysplasia and cherry eye (also known as "haw"), are common in bulldogs. Surgery may be required to fix these. Mange (skin mites) and skin allergies are also common. The extremely short tail of the bulldog can predispose some of them to have spinal cord disorders near the tail end of the spinal cord. A few will have urinary or faecal incontinence.

Those who breed bulldogs find that most bulldogs must deliver by Caesarean section, since the large round heads of the puppies will no longer pass through the mother's birth canal.

Overheating is a serious health problem with Bulldogs. Go for slow walks in cool weather to exercise your Bulldog. Keep this breed inside on very hot days, preferably with an air conditioner.

Things To Watch Out For With A Bulldog

The Bulldog sheds frequently and is a short-lived dog. They are one of the most expensive dogs to buy, partially due to their popularity. They are susceptible to certain respiratory problems because of the flattened face, and often snore very loudly.

Bull dogs are hard to breed, and often must be bred using artificial insemination (AI). Puppies often must be delivered by Caesarean section.

This breed can be hard to train at times.

Bulldog Summary

Bulldogs are good with children, and a great dog for the novice owner.

Edited by Darren Robinson

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